It’s in our DNA

When people ask me why should I post on Lifewall, I say it’s in our DNA.  They will claim I am not like that, I have no need to leave anything behind.

It may be true, but as a specie we have constantly tried to leave a record behind of our existence. Its human nature to want to be remembered, and Lifewall is the vehicle for individual human beings to be a part of human history.

30 000 years ago in a cave in France humans began with the first Lifewall.  Arcy Sur Cure caves have paintings from 30 000 years ago.  Humans wanting to leave something behind to mark their existence.  Now wouldn’t it have been great if we could have had a Lifewall then, so we would know who lived and painted those……30 000 years from now, what do you want humans to know about you, or do you want them to only know what society deems worthwhile.   Be a part of history, join Lifewall today.



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