20151125_201213.jpgIts 2016 and the world has gone crazy. Everywhere you look, there is strife.  People are dying and losing their homes.  Yet most of us in the western world are indifferent.  We have to be different than our leaders.  Our leaders are indifferent to the plight.  Its their shame, however it should not be ours.

Sometimes all it takes is to reaffirm your humanity.  Ask yourself what you are.  Question what matters.  Choose a side.

The majority of the people in this world are kind, reasonable and humans.  The 1% who aren’t control our governments, media and are zealots who create situations which lead to needless death of our fellow humans.  These 1% get all the attention and for some reason dictate life.  However there are more of us than them, and what allows them this power is we give up our rights to them, or we cannot unite behind a singular idea.  Our nationality, race, religion, sex, ideology all collude to keep us from uniting.  Yet the most powerful uniting force is never brought to the forefront.  Our humanity.  Our birthright, from our first breath.

When we started Lifewall we were adamant about being non political, but I think the stance we took is not contrary to what I am preaching now.  Today more than ever, we need those who believe in humanity to stand up, and proclaim their stance.  Getting on our site, spending $5 and putting yourself up there as a part of humanity makes you immortal and part of human history which is not being represented by our leaders and the terrorists. Join Lifewall.

I hope those of you who believe like myself in humanity, in us being humans first show history you existed.  You weren’t the silent majority.  At our first breath we join the human race and we never lose the right until we die. Nations, Religions, Sex, Ideology, all put walls between us, but I believe we must always break down these wall by exercising our fundamental right of humanity first and foremost.

My friends have started this pledge and bracelet thing, where you buy a custom humanity bracelet from them, if you believe in their pledge, which I do and which I did.  Its funny we need bracelets to show who we are, even thou our humanity does not require a birth certificate or a passport.  Still I get human nature and so maybe it will catch on and we will all know who we are; the ones who put all our differences away to acknowledge our commonality….humanity!



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