108 Billion Human Beings

Did you know 108 billion human beings have walked this earth?
Did you know 350 thousand children are born every day?
Did you know 156 thousand people die every day?

Imagine if we had a record of each human being to have walked this earth. Lifewall wants to ensure the next 108 billion humans are recorded eternally on our global, virtual, eternal, graffiti wall of human history.

The Taj Mahal and the Sphinx are examples of  monuments built for eternity for one single person. How about all the people who built these monuments. Why do we not have a record of these humans who lived and built these monuments?
Another example is when 239 people go missing on a plane or girls kidnapped by  Boko Haram.  Why should history not have a easily accessible record of there humans? The famous and infamous are not the only ones who should live on recorded history of humanity.

I know you’re asking how is this different from Facebook or Instagram. Unlike Facebook or Instagram Lifewall does not require membership.  Lifewall is not a closed system but open to all humanity. You only have to be on Lifewall one time in your life. Your postings are not for just your friends but for history.
You may ask, why do we charge for postings when they are free on Facebook and Instagram. We charge because we have no membership. No membership means no advertising based revenue. So Lifewall does not collect, share or track your data. You are basically posting anonymously unless you decide to share your name or info on a tile.
How is it equal if you’re charging when parts of this different world have different economic realities. We are creating a geographical based system   for post or upload. The price charged a person in a third world area, such as Africa or Bangladesh will not be the five dollars charged in the United States.

It is my goal to get Lifewall to a perpetual stage to where it becomes a global birth and a global in memoriam registry of all human beings on this planet. To that end it is my pledge; the birth and in memoriam tiles after the point of Perpetual, will be free to every human being.

Belong to the human race. Post and mark yourself on Lifewall, the wall of human history.


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