Why we need to create this wall.

The last few months have reinforced my view of why we must build this wall. Too many people have lost their lives for time and history to forget. Many global events and movements have occurred which the history must document.
Malaysian Airlines had two tragedies. One plane disappeared one got shot down by Russian backed rebels in Ukraine. Each passenger deserves to be on the Lifewall wall of remembrance.
In Korea a ferry overturned and hundreds lost their lives, Many were children. Do they not belong to history?
Hundreds of thousands have lost their lives to fanatic causes and wars. Innocents who get caught up in the middle of the power struggle.
How about the girls kidnapped in Nigeria ? During the Summer everyone was holding signs to set them free yet here in November they are still missing and does anyone care? The world and the news cycle are fickle, but the history demands more from us as do the victims.

Help support this wall by posting your tile and getting us to where it becomes sustainable. Post your births, memorium, salutations, joys,etc to create a human history wall. Your five dollar tile can lead us to establish a wall belonging to the masses, to humanity, to history, without borders.

Now more than ever the world needs this wall for history to remember these hard times.


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