Birth to Death

The goal of our project is to create a human history wall. A wall which can house the history of each individual to walk this earth.
From birth to death and all important events in between. Graduation, weddings, first house, children, accomplishments, awards,……
Each event can then be added to the wall. All those events can then be connected and presented as the historical record of each life.
What we have now is the ability to do this in a basic form. You can start with a birth tile and then use it as an anchor tile from which you lifelink all subsequent tiles.
Our goal is to achieve sustainability and funding to better the process, add features and privatization capabilities.  Build out the tiles and UI and search capabilities.  In the future we would like to give a tile to each human upon birth for free.
So again I ask you to help this cause by putting up a tile on our current wall.


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