This cannot be forgotten!!!





Humanity means what?  We call ourselves civilized, but what does it mean?  We must accept we live in one world.  Too many times people have let the ideals of society and culture dictate their indifference.  When evil happens we cannot hide behind pacifism. Pacifism is an ideal.  Reality is not ideal.  War is evil, indifference is worse.

This week a woman was killed by her family for marrying someone they did not approve of. This isn’t the first time. She was stoned to death in broad daylight in front of a courthouse. Not one leader, not one religious leader, not one nation has condemned this in public and called it out for what it is.  A crime against humanity!  A crime against women!  

We cannot let culture be excuse for such acts.

Someone put up a tile on our lifewall today about this event.  It now belongs to history.  This event and this practice are a part of the human history wall on  Too many times this happens and after a week or two it is forgotten.

Now its on our wall and lets not have those who look back, ask what did they do?  Why did they not address this?  Who stood for this practice and who didn’t?


If you believe this is wrong, if you believe this must be stopped, then don’t just stand by.  Let people know, take a stand, say something. At the least show history you did not condone this act.  You can go on, click on this tile and find a lifelink button.  Click the button and choose other.  Then add your pic and post it...Then whenever this tile is brought up it will show all of us who opposed this. Those of us who belong to this human race and did not accept this as the norm.  Let history see there were humans who cared, who understood the evil and the absurdity of this act and the crime of letting it continue and be forgotten.  Its not culture, its murder!

Below is the pic I put up with the tile on on You can go and see the tile.  I put “Not acceptable to me!” as my caption. As a father of two daughters, this act is not acceptable to us, and we want history to know what side we were on.  What side are you on?What are you going to do.



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