Global Eternal Announcements

Newspapers in their heyday and even today are known for announcements.  People have the urge to celebrate happy events with their fellow human beings.  People also like to share the passing of the loved one, so as to celebrate the life and to notify others.

Announcements in newspapers of births, deaths and weddings have been happening since the start of newspapers.  However newspapers are dying, and USA today brought in the idea of a national newspaper, thus eliminating announcements.  So local papers still carry the tradition, but is it as significant as it used to be?

When someone is passed, when someone is born, when someone is married, its an occasion worth announcing to all.  Putting it in local papers only lets a few know and is only good for the day or two the paper hangs around the house.  However these announcements are monumental.

How would you like to make your announcements global and eternal?

By putting up a birth tile,wedding tile or a death tile, you can now make these announcements eternal and global and part of the human history wall at

Now imagine a child 20 years after their birth going on the wall and finding their birth tile.  It would be like finding the announcement from the paper when you were born.  Unlike the paper the wall is there always, and accessible from everywhere.

So come put your announcements on our wall at



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