Memories fade, Lifewall is eternal!

Memory is unreliable. As a middle aged person who was known for his memory let me be the first to point out memories fade! 

If a tree falls in the forest, does anyone hear it?
Like the analogy above, if a memory is forgotten does the moment stop to exist? More importantly if people are forgotten do they stop existing? Is their existence wiped off the history?  Do you only exist as long as someone remembers you?
Unfortunately the answers to the above questions is YES!  It seems over time people and moments fade from our lives and it should not be as such.  How many of us have said one time or another at a moment in our lives, “this is a moment I will remember forever”?  All of us, however we can’t guarantee it as time and age will fade out memory.  What’s the earliest birthday you remember?
I don’t remember exactly who all was at my surprise 40th birthday, which was 10 years ago. I remember we had the party and we were at one of our favorite restaurants, but who was there, I don’t know exactly. So trying to remember birthdays from my childhood is impossible.  Yet they happened. I don’t believe all were significant but I am sure there had to be some which had significance.  The last one in Africa? First one in Canada? 21? First time your children sang you happy birthday?

Fading loved ones.
When we lose loved ones the grief is overwhelming.  Emotions and memories flood or minds, we want to hold on to them eternally.  We want to celebrate their life and I always have had this feeling of history.  I want my loved ones to be a part of something bigger.  I want them immortalized, but I never know how.  I didn’t like the idea of them being in one place. In today’s global world we don’t live where our loved ones are laid to rest.  How can we then recreate that feeling which gives us peace when we visit a grave?  The memories which flood us when we visit resting places.
All of us may not want to admit, but time makes us forget our loved ones. It’s healing, but it’s disheartening the idea memories control our remembrances.  Dementia, Alzheimer’s and old age are going to take these moments away and I for one do not want to lose these moments. I want these life moments and my loved ones to not fade away because of my memory.

There Is Hope; A Solution
Memories can be triggered. All kinds of things, smell, sounds, sights can bring back memories.  A picture can evoke emotions and bring us back to those past moments.  There is a picture of me in Africa at the age of eight at my birthday party, which when I see it, I can start remembering people, places and moments from those days.
A picture of a loved one can bring back memories of the person and depending on the picture, it can bring back the times. 
How can we use this to help keep moments and loved ones alive when our memories fade? is the solution. When moments which matter happen, you should post them on Lifewall.  Birthdays, weddings, graduations, first car, first house, and on and on.  When loved ones pass, find a picture of theirs you love and buy a tile and post them on the wall.  This can play the role of a virtual cemetery. At any time you can visit Lifewall from anywhere, pull up the tile, relieve the moments and pay respects to those who have passed.

We have built the wall, now we need the people to start populating it, we need you to help create and sustain the global, virtual human history wall.
Come belong! Prove your existence! Immortalize loved ones! Fight old age and fading memories!


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