Can you help bring humanity together?

Why not just sell out to the advertisers and venture companies?”  I was asked this as I work to build this site one tile at a time. Here are the reasons.

  1. We do not want the information on our site to be used for commercial purposes.  So we created this system where by you can remain anonymous as you post.  We do not require any information from you, thus we do not collect or sell the data.  It’s up to you what you want to share or not share on the tile.
  2. Its for the people, and I want people to find it and support it and to decide wether this wall of humanity we are trying to build succeeds.  In an ideal way I am hoping the masses support something which is not controlled by governments and elites.  If people do not post, then its a good evaluation of the idea.  Is humanity ready to build a wall to bring us together?
  3. Acknowledgement.  Each human needs to be acknowledged. How many of us lose people we love and we want to remember? Why do we put announcements in papers?  To acknowledge a life.  So why shouldn’t we create a space where each existence is acknowledged and the acknowledgment is viewable eternally? Our memories fade and our loved ones should not be dependent on our memories as a proof of their existence.
  4. Oppressed, downtrodden, underdogs…. a wall where you can post your thoughts without persecution from the powers that be allows all humans to leave their mark on history.  History cannot only be written by those in power, and by those with wealth or those who achieve fame or infamy.

How Can You Help. Find a reason to buy a tile and post, then tell your friends and family.  Its a daunting task, but a wall must start one brick (tile) at a time. We have started the wall; Now I hope people join and help it grow.  There is so much more we can do, once it catches on, we can add video, audio, we can make features like our birth tiles free, we can create a location based fee, so every human can afford it…and then we reach perpetuity, we can give future funds back to humanity.

Our site.

A video guide on how to post.

Why we charge $5?


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