Who are you? How do you define yourself?

When you are asked to define yourself, how do you do it? Do you start with nationality, race, gender, religion, occupation, marital status?  These are the walls we build.

Where are you from?  When I am asked my first response is, Africa. I was born in Africa, my birth certificate is filed there. Generally I get puzzled looks, since I am brown, and in America there is a perception you must be black to be African. Somewhere in my ancestry it goes back to India. So am I Indian? I like to state I am an American citizen. However at one time I was a Canadian citizen, does that make me Canadian? I don’t even have a copy of my birth certificate, but now I consider myself a part of humanity as I am on LiFEWALL.

Are you Muslim? Yes, but within the Muslim religion there many divides.Shia or Sunni? Within those sects there are sub sects. How about Christians? Catholic, Anglican, Baptist……? When does your religion define you? Agnostic? Buddhism? How many wars have we fought for religion?  From birth your religion can determine your views of others.  

Gender is obvious most times but does your gender become the most important aspect of who you are? Women in most if not all of the world will tell you absolutely! The hardship which is faced by women is not fair, simply because of gender.

The most important defining factor unfortunately becomes race and culture. Color of one’s skin. Race in all its splendor and diversity divides us all.  Race in every part of the world separates people. In the history of the world race, religion, gender, nationality have caused all wars and led to millions of deaths. The strife of humanity is caused by the walls we create in defining ourselves. There should never be a need for a peace prize in the future of humanity.

Can I realistically bring these walls down? No! As long as there have been humans there have been those who have promoted the oneness of humanity.  We are human first and foremost, and we should think of ourselves as humans in the history of humanity.  I believe it is more important to acknowledge my humanity before all other defining characteristics of my life.

I cannot bring down all the walls, but I can build a new different wall.  LiFEWALL.org is a wall for humanity, history and eternity.  We want to bring humanity together in one place.  There are no borders, and dividers.  

I ask you to join our wall in the most simple way.  Birth certificates are legally filed in the place you were born and become the first wall of your life which begins the divide of us humans.  Join us by buying a birth tile, putting up your baby or current picture and becoming a part of the human race. (see video)  Show your oneness by being on LiFEWALL.   If enough of us do this we can then eliminate the cost and open it up to all of humanity for all of eternity.  Yes the governments will want to legally file your birth certificate in their jurisdiction, but you still can show your humanity by also being on LiFEWALL.  BELONG TO HUMAN HISTORY! Now you too are part of us who understand walls need to be torn down, its one planet, its one race…humanity,


How to join the human race?

Do you believe we are all humans first? Do you believe the walls which divide us; nationality, race, gender, religion ….should come down?

Yes?!  Then start on the path to a new life.  Buy a birth tile on LiFEWALL and file your human birth certificate.  Let’s create a human birth registry which belongs to no country.  A wall which brings all of humanity together.  If enough of us join,  because we believe in the ideals of one race, and oneness of humanity then we can eliminate the cost and truly make it global, equal and available to every human who is born on this earth hereafter.

Why should not everyone of us be part of human history?  Why should our existence ( birth certificate) belong to some country instead of the human race.  This is just the start, WE cannot bring down all the walls which separate us, but WE can start with something small like a birth tile and create a movement.

I ask you my friends, if you believe you are part of the human race first, over your gender, religion, citizenship, politics, sexual orientation, race, then buy a birth tile on LiFEWALL and belong.  Show your support and help break down the walls, one tile at a time.




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