What is Lifelink? And our current tile choices.


When you decided to post on http://lifewall.org these are the current choices.  We have a lot of options in the pipeline, but we must first reach a sustainable point.  Its why we are hoping people put up birth tiles, in memoriam tiles, wedding tiles.  Any other picture or thought can be put up with the other tile and text tile, which lets you post your thought for all eternity.  


Lifelink is our feature which allows you create your own sub wall within a wall.  It allows you to link your tile to another tile forever.  Its an option you choose when you buy a tile.  If you do not want anyone to attach to your tile, you can opt out.

However once you put up one tile, you can always add all future tiles thru the lifelink on the first tile to create your own historical wall.  Ex. you buy a birth tile for your child, then you put up his first step, his first bike, his graduation, his first car….. Then whenever you pull up the first birth tile, all the other tiles show up too, to create his/her own history wall…..

Lifelink can also be used by friends and family to add messages/condolences to events which will be forever attached to the tile.  Ex…a birth tile can have wishes on the birth from friends and family.  A tile marking the death could have condolences, or perhaps pictures of friends with the loved one….

So many variables we hope you find and create with Lifelink.

First you must get on lifewall.org.   So friends please belong, and tell your friends so we can make this happen.  We are hoping to do this without outside funding, one tile at a time to keep from giving up the essence of our endeavor.   Help me build this wall of humanity.


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