The question asked the most is why are you charging $5?

Originally it was because we didn’t want to trivialize the postings.  We felt Facebook and such had trivialized our lives and this was going to be historical and needed to matter.  So by charging it forced the posters to think about what they put up for eternity.


If we truly wanted to create a virtual, global, graffiti wall we needed to offer posting which could be anonymous.  Those needing to protect their identity in order to get their point of view out to the world from a oppressed place need anonymity.  To truly create such an environment we could not collect information about the posters, thus we could not sell, share or track the information.  If you don’t sell, share, or track, then you cannot use advertising as a funding model. 

No Advertising

Since we made a vow to not use advertising as a revenue stream, we needed another way of funding.  We have fought the involvement of those wanting to help us fund based on future advertising revenue.  However we had as our number one goal; the anonyminity of posting.  Which means no advertising.  


Eternity costs money.  We have to collect enough money to guarantee eternity.  Thankfully hosting costs are always going down and we can reach a point ( not to distant) where we are guaranteed perpetuity.  


Five dollars is a lot of money for most of the world.  Yes!  However as we grow we have plans to create a gps based fee.  Thus those uploading from other parts of the world will pay the equivalent of five dollars.  This costs money and its a cycle.  We need to sell tiles to get enough money to allow equality for posting.  We are hoping those of you early users understand and help us reach our goals.

Global Birth Registry

Our greatest goal is to create a wall which has every human ever born, on it.  This of course will eventually not be a fee based service, however in order to get to that point we need to have adequate funds to maintain the wall but also to create the further software to manage the uploads.

Forever has a price, and for now on Lifewall its $5.

Please help us get there, post and join the wall.  Belong!



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