Make your Wedding Pic Eternal

Weddings are one of the key moments in life.  At we created this virtual global, eternal wall for human history.  Our goal was make moments matter, since social media is trivializing  our lives.

Weddings are moments for history. 

So at you click buy a tile: (see a video of how to )

  • Choose wedding
  • Upload a square wedding pic
  •  Add the two mandatory tags required; date and location. 
  •  Add an additional optional tag of your choice and post.  

Now your tile is on our wall for all time.  A hundred years from now you can find it using the tags.  After you are gone, this day is still alive on our wall.  Its a moment, history should mark and hopefully you believe as we do, weddings are worth immortalizing on lifewall.

Congratulations to all those who take the step and hope you join our wall of history.  

Weddings are worth more than a Facebook post.

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