My Father on Lifewall.
testimonial from Bruce Bernard sent to Lifewall.I had known of LIFEwall before my father had passed. After his death, I knew I would post a picture of him.

The decision to post the picture brought me some peace. Since I live in the US and my father is buried in France, I felt the need to have a place I could go to to reflect on him. Once the picture was posted, I immediately felt like this would be the place I would go to think about him. So now once in a while, when I feel the need, i go to Lifewall.org, search for his picture and pull it out of the wall.

I took me a while to find the right picture. Eventually, I choose a picture of how my father looked like when I was a kid rather than how he looked like in his last years. Actually the picture may even be before my time. But in any case, this is how I want to remember him. And by looking at a picture of him at such a younger age, I have now memories of him that I had forgot about and that re-emerge. I remember feelings I had for him as a kid. I was not expecting this.


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